My wife's son-in-law works for a dentist down Oklahoma that has more money than 
sense.  He has done well investing in lots of different businesses.  He bought 
a Chevy Volt for his employees to use as a company car.  One weekend the 
dentist had to have some work done on his Bentley so he decided to drive the 
Volt for the weekend.  I am not sure of the details, but he did something to it 
where it sat all night either running or the lights on and it ended up killing 
the batteries.  Cost him $3500 to repair.   

Don Snook  

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You forgot "evacuate from a hurricane, requiring hours and hours creeping along 
in a traffic jam with AC blasting".  No Tesla would make it. Many cars need 
refueling during such an event.  The demise of the internal combustion engine 
has been predicted many times....
Max Dillon
Charleston SC
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On October 11, 2016 2:47:52 PM EDT, G Mann via Mercedes <> 
>Tell you what... try this, now, or in 20 years... come to Arizona and 
>drive from Flagstaff to Tucson in your electric car, or.... continue on 
>South to Mexico and tour Mexico with your electric car.
>Take a vacation with your family, full luggage, the dog, and drive from 
>your Eastern "safe zone" to California, using your electric car.
>This is America, it's big, people drive hundreds of miles per week, 
>always in a rush. They don't have time or patience to "plug in and 
>wait" nor do they have a place to do that.
>Utopia and Unicorns... Sorry to rain on your parade. Oil became king 
>because it was and is easily available. A viable replacement has not 
>been invented or brought to market now or in the foreseeable future. 
>It's being thought about, worked on, but it's not here any time soon. 
>BS legislation won't make it happen any faster.
>I respect that your personal view may be different..
>On Tue, Oct 11, 2016 at 11:37 AM, archer75--- via Mercedes < 
>> wrote:
>> (From a Solar List)
>> > Germany calling for ban on all gas/diesel cars by 2030:
>> >
>> house-asks-eu-to-ban-all-gas-diesel-cars-by-2030
>> > And if that catches on, it will be an avalanche of abandonment of
>> > cars.  Faster than even 2030, because no one will want to buy a
>dead end
>> > vehicle as the deadline approaches.
>> >
>> > We are at the precipice of the end of gas cars.  People need to
>> > that the EV and Plug-in Hybrid is here to stay.  And they are
>> > faster, cleaner, cheaper to buy, cheaper to operate and cheaper to
>> maintain
>> > than gas cars.  Its just the public is not aware of that yet.
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