I saw a beautiful 64 TBird convertible in traffic yesterday morning. Might be 65 or 66. Not sure how many years they had the big rectangular tail lights but I think 64 was the first year and by 67 they had changed a lot, if I recall correctly. 63 still had the big round tail lights. Not my primary choice in color as it was a rusty brown orange color with a black top but it sure looked in nice shape. I could go for one of those.

No offense to you or your brother, Don, but the 77 does not do much for me now. I almost bought one when it was new but my wife talked me out of it. She thought it too big for her to drive. We bought a 77 Monarch instead. It was not among the top cars that Ford ever built but we kept it a long time and it served us reasonably well. Lousy handling etc but it looked good (for the time anyway). It was white 2door with a white quarter vinyl roof and a dark red interior.



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