On 12/10/2016 3:55 PM, Max Dillon via Mercedes wrote:
As a kid, my mother drove a '72 T-Bird for many years.  It had a 427 ci engine, 
what a gas hog!  I think the body was very similar to your brother's car in 
terms of size (HUGE), but not as angular.  Terrible in the Wisconsin winters 
without snow tires, but Mom drove about thirty miles each way to work so she 
preferred all-season tires.  That car got stuck a lot in the winter, I think we 
kept a chain and shovel in the trunk year-round.  Very comfortable ride, fast 
for the time, stylish, I think it had over 150k miles when it was sold to the 
mailman.  He drove a rural mail delivery route and racked up many more miles in 
short order, I think the car only lasted a few more years on mail delivery duty.

probably a 429 rather than a 427.



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