Yeah, it looks pretty nice.  I may call the guy and see what I can find out.  
He’s in CT right now and the car is here.  He’s looking to set up a meet in a 
couple of weeks when he’s here.


> On Oct 12, 2016, at 5:17 PM, Donald Snook <> wrote:
> Pricey? With 45,000 miles?   That sounds like a steal.  Seriously.  Unless it 
> has bent rods or they have never been addressed.  If the rodbender issue has 
> been done, you should run over to pay for it!  
> Looking at the condition, the mileage could be correct.  Sheesh if I had my 
> BMW sold I would be paying you to go over and do an inspection on it.  
> Don Snook 
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Daniel Penoff [] 
> Sent: Wednesday, October 12, 2016 3:55 PM
> To: Mercedes List <>
> Subject: [MBZ] Nice, A Little Pricey
> The quarter sized rust spot below the back window is troubling as is the low 
> mileage.  I’m wondering if the rod bending issues have been addressed.
> Dan


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