I put out two yard signs for Trump and they were both stolen. There is such a 
demand for his yard signs, they are hard to get. So, since I'm retired, I now 
go on the side of US78 here in Georgia and wave my signs at passing motorist. 
I've gotten a lot of honks, waves, and thumbs up. I haven't gotten one nasty 
response. Personally, if my neighbors support Hillary, it says a lot about 
their character, integrity, and desires for the future of the USA. As I live 
out in the country, neighbor contact is not a lot anyway. If the preacher 
thinks Trump is worse than Hillary, then I'd personally stop attending his 
Just my opinion again..... 
Best Wishes, 
Roger Hale 
Dinnerware Classics, Inc. 
Monroe, Ga. 


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