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> Ayyyuuup!
> Any good blizzard, hurricane, or tornado leaves yer leaf without 
> electrons.... Unless you pull a gasoline or Diesel powered generator on 
> a trailer behind your car the "uses no petroleum"

When the grid's down, the gas pumps are down too, so with EV, gasser, or diesel,
you're out of luck once your stockpiles are gone. Diesel can be stored for years
in bulk 'fuel oil' tanks, so you can have a pretty big stockpile if you're
willing to pay for it. 

You can stretch your gasoline stockpiles a long way if you make your own ethanol
and just use gas for starting, or you can be self-sufficient with Bio-D or

After seeing this EV push trailer, I had an idea:

My idea after seeing that is to get a Ninja 250 and one of these:

You can push the EV around with the motorcycle, or you can park the EV and ride
the motorcycle. Just have to make sure the bike's radiator gets enough airflow
when riding behind the EV. 



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