Is it the case that the 300TD has a 603.9? engine, and the 190Dt has the
602.961 engine? How close are you to Quincy, MA? Could the 190Dt be a daily
driver as is if you don't mind the smoke? (opps - forgot the emissions test
in MA).

On Fri, Oct 14, 2016 at 2:27 PM, Fred Moir via Mercedes <> wrote:

> Alles.
> For $1.00 each you could be the new owner of a 1987 300TD and/or a 1987
> 190Dt.
> The TD has a rusted passenger side shock mount, driveable for short
> distances. or farther if you somehow stabilize the said tower.
> Runs and drives otherwise OK. Has a 602.961 engine. Have some paperwork.
> Smoke Silver
> The 190 has a decent body etc. It sat in a garage in Conn. for about 10
> years. The head has been rebuilt. The engine runs but smokes, I think,
> because the rings on #5 cyl are stuck, (Doh!). I have a full set of rings
> and head-set, etc., plus any 190D parts that I may have. Also Smoke Silver.
> If anyone wants a 4KW generator (Coleman type, etc) good running and
> generating, also $1. Color Green-ish.
> First come, first serve.
> Fred Moir.
> Lynn MA.
> Diesel preferred.
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OK Don

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