Kaleb wrote:
> I'm not even sure what that is supposed to mean

Someday, an EV that has similar historic character of our W123 today -
that might be nice, perhaps.  EV works in a city, but will not have
the flexibility that fossil-fuel internal-combustion transportation
provides.  So... someday, something other than outlawed fossil-fuel
internal-combustion or EV will be used for transportation, perhaps.
Or not.  We can deal with all things, correct?  Is this better?

mao wrote something Kaleb did not understand:
>> EV makes sense for a while.  Gimme a W123 of EV - we can have
>> transport for a few years.  After that? - we can work on that.  We
>> cannot deal with constriction of innovation or invention.  Innovation
>> and invention are totally controlled today.  EV is okay.  Today's
>> activities is not a path to future innovation and invention.  There
>> are other ideas out there.


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