Dan wrote:

> It’s a weird application.  It’s a capacitor that’s used to run the pulse pump 
> on my 1960s Italian Omre brand espresso machine.  These machines used either 
> rotary pumps or pulse pumps.  Mine has a pulse pump and I’m almost sure the 
> way this capacitor is wired into the pump that it’s what provides the 
> “pulsing” for the pump.

As you know, I have the same Omre Automatica espresso machine.  Older
Automatica pumps were rotary pumps and the operator controls are
buttons not 5-position rotary switch that we have.  Our (DanP & DanG
aka mao) Automatica is vibratory pump.  Your Automatica is not
operating properly?  My Automatica does espresso but steam for milk is
very choppy and ineffective.  I thought the vibe pump was self
contained, not pulsed with circuitry as you suggest?

Another Automatica question for you is the red light when the machine
is turned on.  My red light is kaput.  Find replacement for me...
since you have yours open now?

Here is a video of the Automatica lever killer:



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