CFC was regulated out of existence because Dupont's patent expired. Rather than having to compete with generic manufacturers, and get better, they paid the goobers to regulate it out of existence. Guess who had the patent on 134?

Given the fairly recent slew of new brands of 134, I would guess that patent has now expired also.

SOOOOOOoooo...... Time to regulate HFCs out of existence. Now "we" can sell stuff fer $100 a pound!

Better fer shareholders, and the CeoCfo salaries, bonus and perks.
Mitch Haley via Mercedes <>
October 15, 2016 at 6:13 PM
HFC was forced on us because CFC damaged the ozone layer. That I can understand.

Now we're supposed to replace HFC with hideously expensive stuff because HFC
might make an immeasurable contribution to global temperatures?



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