Jean F'n is an interesting case. Liveshot as he is known, "Do you know who I am?" He also apparently likes to hang with young ladies and act like a Kennedy with them. Well known behavior. He is kept by Tuhrayza.

My wife's dad had the foresight about 50+ years ago to buy a plot of land on Nantucket Island and build a small cottage on the property, on the far end of the island from town so it was kind of the hinterlands back then. Relatively cheap money back then as it really wasn't much of a swell place. Both are still quite lovely, though now they are approaching beachfront location due to the march of nature. Wife, mother and siblings spent summers there while dad worked, to get there occasionally. So my wife grew up a good part of her teenage years on the island and knew it very well, having the usual sort of minimal resort-type summer jobs that paid quite well. She taught Fred Rogers's son to sail, he had a place not too far away. Fred was pretty much as he was on his show. I walked by his house once, heard the phone ring, and he answered it, and I was like, that's Mr. Rogers! There were lots of other interesting characters there too.

A friend she worked with after college had a similar experience as her grandmother owned 2 houses there, old inherited places or something, one in town and one on the harbor just on the edge of town. They devolved down to the grandkids and she was the only one who wanted to fool with them. I think they sold the one in town to give the others their inheritance, kept the hahbah house. The one on the harbor is 2 doors down from Tuhrayza's (the late John Heinz's) place. Some years back when we were visiting the island we would visit this friend who spent the summers at the house with the kids, hang out on the porch and drink and whatnot. There were always SS guys or some kind of feds around the house, this when J F'n was a senatuh, maybe before Teddy got the final round. Big flag on a pole out front. The kids liked to run up and down the little bit of beach in front of the houses and of course they got hassled by the hausengrupenkomandos. Nice, terroristic chirruns.

The yacht, which had been "berthed" in Rhode Island to avoid the usurious MA taxes (good job Jean!) was anchored out in front of the house, which, if anyone paid attention, would mean that MA taxes were due on it. But being the liberal senatuh meant that taxes were only for everyone else, not the swells. Apparently since he has become SoS the security is even more annoying, the friend was thinking to unload the place, which is probably at this point worth multiple $millions, because it was becoming increasingly difficult to rent it out, even at the bargain rate of $25k/wk, maybe more now, due to the wake turbulence of J F'n and Tuhrayza being in proximity. I was there 4 or 5 years ago and rode my bike over there, it was the same way. The street behind the house, Hurlburt Ave, is sorta like an overgrown alley, but the cops were still there making sure no one infringed on J F'n's territory even if he or Tuhrayza weren't there. Thanks, taxpayers! They gave me the stinkeye when I rode past, probably snapped my picture or something.

On another possibly interesting note, my doctor here is the grandson of people who owned a house just down from there a little ways. If you have ever read the book or seen the movie Cheaper by the Dozen, that was about his grandparents and his father was one of The Dozen. The house is pretty much the same as it was, with the bunkhouse out back and a little lighthouse kind of effect on the main part of the house. He goes there quite often, the house is still in the family. We have had some interesting discussions about various goings-on there and of course he knows the whole deal about J F'n and has a somewhat less than flattering opinion of him too. His cousin, whom he says is pretty whacked, lives near where my wife's family place is, and stays year-round which explains the whackness.

J F'n on a pink girls bike in the parking lot at Jetties Beach, just down the way from Tuhrayza's house in which he is occasionally kept. He is truly a rather odious individual.


On 10/15/16 7:51 PM, Curley McLain via Mercedes wrote:
no word yet one when the 134 disappears. Our own SoS, the botoxicated, intoxicated, French-speaking Liveshot Jean F'n Kerré, who has grabass and who, by the way, served his self interest in Vietnam does not have enough fingers and toes to count to that day. By the way didja know he's a kept man?


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