Max, did you take the duct covers off on the back of the dryer? I got one dryer from someone for my daughter. The thing would overheat and put out hardly any from the duct. Come to find out that the ducts inside the back of the dryer were almost totally plugged up with lint and sand. I decided that just G&G to do the same on our 20 year old dryer. Found some lint in there also so while you are at it....


Date: Sat, 15 Oct 2016 21:42:58 -0400
From: Max Dillon <>

Today I did the deed, dryer is fixed!  Left the dryer in top of the washer for 
the repair.  Rick's description was the best, big ball mounted on the rear of 
the drum, rides in a plastic cup mounted on the rear wall of the dryer.  I 
bought the kit from appliance parts pro's, $24 delivered.  I also replaced the 
water lines to the washer while I had the stack pulled away from the wall.

Top of the dryer has spring clips at the front edge, hinge at the rear, YouTube 
videos show the way.

Looks like this particular Kenmore was made by Frigidaire.  Really a pretty 
easy job, but took about half a day because I spent a lot of time cleaning up 
17 years of accumulated lint and dust.

I did not (yet) replace the nylon strips that the front of the drum rides on, 
that'll be next.


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