Bob, explain this again?  How did you get up to the point that you could
use the abrasive cut-off wheel?  I think you said that you removed the
entire steering column?

I'm going to have a similar fight with the "95 124 Cabriolet, keys are
missing and the ignition tumbler / lock assembly looks like it has been
broken free of the steering column in a failed attempt to steal the car.  I
have the steering column from Wilton's '87 300D, plan is to install that
with a new tumbler matched to the VIN so one key opens doors and trunk as
well as operates the ignition.


Charleston SC

On Sat, Oct 15, 2016 at 10:22 PM, Robert Massmann via Mercedes <> wrote:

> Abrasive cutting wheel cut right through no problem. Was very careful with
> the depth and only have several small cuts into the steering lock housing
> that will be hidden under the new protector sleeve. Tomorrow I will be
> putting most everything back together, as I have order new sleeve and
> tumbler set and they mount from the front and slide in place. I tried to
> use the tumbler from my 190 until the new ones come in, but after install,
> it would not turn to the off position to release the key.
> Regards,
> Bob Massmann
> 1995 E300D 448,000 miles

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