I have a new tumbler and key on order, but I am not sure it will match my 
current car. May have to have it re-keyed to get things to match doors and 

Bob Massmann
1995 E300D 448,000 miles 

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I got hung up trying to remove the steering column and had to grind the 
steering lock retaining pin. Normally this pin can be pushed in if the tumbler 
is in the run position. Since I couldn't turn the key from the off position, I 
had to grind the pin. This allowed me to then pull the steering lock assembly 
and try to get the key to work of the steering column, which it didn't and I 
then used an abrasive wheel to cut the steel protective ring. Then I had access 
to the release pin holes to remove the tumbler set.

I will add to this later as I am getting ready to travel to Seabrook, NH for 


Bob Massmann
1995 E300D 448,000 miles 


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