That little test device in the pdf is the tach amplifier that I bought, just the earlier version without the little LED. IT works great and has since back in 08 when I helped him test the first version and then received one of the first commercial versions after a few minor tweaks.


Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2016 15:14:46 -0400
From: Dan Penoff <>
To: Okie Benz <>
Subject: Re: [MBZ] Deoxit question
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Have you researched this?

Troubleshooting for the socket: 

This guy hasn?t been on PP for a little over a year (dead?) but if you?re a 
member you can PM him: 

There doesn?t seem to be an across the board end of all hassles fix for this.  
I?m surprised that someone hasn?t dissected one of these and duplicated the 
circuitry or figured out an alternative.



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