they just commit more and more fraud until the desired outcome happens. No different than when they play solitaire. They just keep cheating until they win, then feel all smug and holier than thou.

clay via Mercedes <>
October 18, 2016 at 10:42 PM
In 2004 WA had a contested election for governor. The donkey lost, but demanded a recount. It took six months and numerous recounts until she finally won. Turned out there were dead people who voted donkey. Prison residents voted donkey. Dead felons voted donkey. Wetbacks voted donkey. Family pets voted donkey. A number of people of color voted for the donkey a number of times. Given the number of fraudulent ballots cast, I have no idea how the final count came out in favor of the donkey after they had lost every count up to that point with all the fraudulent votes.



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