Nope, trees all around, that's why you would need to be above 100 by the end. An amusing story, I invited a friend over one time. He flies an ultralight just like I do, from a long paved runway at a local airplane community. He flew over along the runway and left, didn't land. When I called him to ask why he told me that my runway was to narrow (90') and short. For an ultralight? Really? It all depends on what you are comfortable with. With your plane I would probably be uncomfortable. With mine I'm in the air at 200 and at better then 300 by the end of the runway. That's good enough for me to turn around and have a good chance at getting down. I probably should try that when I get back to flying.

As for the trees, yep it's been a while since I've used it. Told myself I wouldn't fly till I got the dome done. It's taken a bit longer then I thought it would. Slight understatement there. I could have the trees out and ready to go in a week. Just give me the word.

The Dome is right there to the west of the runway nearer to the north end then the south. If the picture you see has some long poles sitting near it on the edge of the runway laying E-W then look real close at the E end of the poles and you can see a shadow of me standing there. Those are the poles that are now holding up the roof of the solar support structure.


Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2016 17:28:49 -0600
From: OK Don <>

I only need 800 feet, if the ends are clear (no trees, power lines, etc.).


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