yes. When I left home, they said light snow in the early morning only near the Mn border. over 100 miles away and no liklihood of hitting the homestead. By the time I was an hour or so down the road, the schnee was starting to hit 35 miles SOUTH of the homestead.

10 hours later, on the return, I run into snow 70 miles away, opposite of the direction the weather normally travels. 35 miles later, in the outskirts of the large metro I have to go through, traffic is getting thick and people are starting to act nutso. After the turn 90º right to the other interstate, there are 3 lanes, packed wall to wall, and kooks flipping lanes without clearance, but not clipping anyone. The snow is heavier, and starting to stick. I hit a slush patch on the ramp and the rt drive tire lost traction.I have my own lane after the turn until the next exit. I decided it was not safe and stayed in the rt lane and got off on the first exit. I had intended to get off anyway to get fuel for 21¢ less than around home.

I went into the Mills Fleet Farm (Dan and Max will know this is a huge store.) to kill some time until the traffic thinned out. I was afraid if I procrastinated too long, the temp would drop below 32 before I got home and another set of morons would start cracking up. In the store, I ran into a policeman we we started talking. He asked if I was going hunting and I said No, the traffic was thick and there were nuts on the loose. It was the first snow of the season, so the city drivers have no concept of snow or slick. He said the just came from a 3 car pileup, then his radio went off that 3 or more vehicles had piled up in the fast lane and into the median barrier, on the same short stretch I just got off of.

I left with fuel after about 45 min. the traffic had thinned some. the temp dipped to 32, but not below, then was back up to 33 and I got home without further incident.

Last night someone ran into a C store in the large metro area. Yes, completely into the store. This afternoon somebody ran full throttle into a wallyworld where I first ran into schnee last night. so far 3 dead. As of now, they believe both were medical incidents, not related to the rel ig ion of peas.

Curt Raymond via Mercedes <>
December 1, 2016 at 11:22 AM
Which reminds me, did anybody else notice that yesterday was a weird day for driving? I observed a ton of bad behavior and 4 accidents, one of which ended with a Towncar in the passing lane facing the wrong direction.The worst behavior I noticed was all from young women...


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