Had to do the crank position sensor on the SL500 when I got home, took me all 
of about 15 minutes, if that.  Cleaned the MAF while I had the air cleaner off. 
 Seemed happy, so I moved to the 300D to do a couple of minor things.

Replaced the old sealing ring on the power steering pump.  It was leaking 
slightly and making a mess, so it got replaced.  Realized I had left the brake 
fluid reservoir cap off when I was topping off the fluid yesterday. Dang it.  
No sign of it anywhere in the nether regions of the engine compartment, but no 
worries, as I had a spare in the “drawer ‘o’ parts”.  Huzzah!

I got some adapter hoses for my R134a manifold gauge set and tried checking the 
AC pressures.  No joy.  The R12 fittings don’t have a nub or button that 
projects out far enough to depress the pin on the Schrader valve.  Darn it.  
Guess I just need to break down and buy an R12 gauge set.  Wish I could find a 
set of hoses that would work with my existing gauge set.  If anyone knows of a 
source for some hoses that would work, I’m all ears.

I may tackle the cooling system drain and flush tomorrow after work.  I’ve got 
new radiator hoses that are nice and flexible, unlike the ones that are 
currently on the car.  Over the weekend I’m hoping to do the engine mounts as 
well and maybe the transmission fluid and filter, along with the B1 piston kit 
that I got today in my parts order.


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