archer wrote:
> > Interesting! Would you get it with or without the laser sight?

> I don't know. How much were they asking for the one with the built in laser 
> before they sold out?

G: Didn't look, but price is no concern since I only upgrade guns every 40 
years or so.

> What's your perceived usage, is there a good chance you'll have time to turn 
> it on?

G: I'll have time to turn on the laser since being broken down on the highway 
would be the likeliest event away from home, and the place I live has been 
ultra-safe for the 21 years I've been here.  lots of retired agents (CIA, FBI, 
Secret Service, etc. live in this deed restricted subdivision and the 
ex-sheriff, a deputy, and a high patrolman live close by.  

> I'm thinking that if you're home and hear a noise, grabbing the gun, turning 
> it on, grabbing a flashlight in the other hand and turning it on, then going 
> to investigate might seem reasonable. If you're out and about and confronted 
> with a threat, then you won't be messing with the switch on the laser. 
> Mitch.

G: I'll check that and see where the switch is and how quick and easy the laser 
can be turned on. The Bauer safety can be instantly flipped off with the thumb 
and the trigger pulled almost in one motion. If the laser switch is that easy, 
then it should be quick enough IMO.

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