I'd be happy to take and  send you pictures of the throttle linkage of
my '79 240D. I am not sure if I have that type of linkage you are
looking for or not-mine is a series of rods with pivots that goes over
top of the valve cover. If that's it' let me know and I'll happy to
shoot and send. My brother has a 78 which might have the earlier type of

Dwight Giles, Jr
1979 240D auto, 250K + miles
1990 300D 2.5t, 129K miles
Wickford, RI

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> Holy cats, this guy is, how you say, on crack. The thing "pulls
> hills"? With 70 gallons of fuel and with passengers and an automatic? 
> Did he fail to mention the twin turbo chargers?

More like 45 gallons.

> Good to see what your car looks like, Jim.

More like: "...car used to look like"!

Anybody got (or could take) a detailed photo of the throttle linkage
mess atop the valve cover?  I want to see how the extra linkage stuff I
found in the trunk fits on, so I can hook up the idle knob and cruise
actuator.  This is a 79 240D, without vacuum to the tranny.  It has the
around-the-engine-in- 80-days throttle linkage, a vestige of the
throttle butterfly system, rather than the ball-socket torque rod that
came later.

-- Jim

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