3/4 of the way done with this job.  Some observations:

Having the engine up in the air makes removing the spark plugs easy-peasey - at 
least on the passenger side.  I’ve gotten both mounts swapped and the passenger 
side spark plugs done.  I haven’t lowered the driver’s side down yet and will 
be doing that side’s plugs next.

You definitely have to unbolt the AC compressor to get the driver’s side mount 
out, but it was amazingly easy.  I haven’t put it back yet as the engine is 
still lifted up, but it’s close to the mounting points right now, so lining 
everything up once the engine is lowered shouldn’t be an issue.

Mounts were definitely worn out.  Here’s a picture of the right side mount with 
a new mount:


Despite reports to the contrary, the driver’s side wasn’t bad at all.  Now that 
I have the little 16mm offset wrench (needed for both sides) it’s just a matter 
of breaking loose the top bolt which can be unscrewed by hand for the most 
part.  Lots of gyrations getting the bolt back in, but what I did was get the 
top bolt and heat shield all lined up and then run the bolt into the top of the 
mount.  Get everything on the top side tightened up while there’s space, then 
lower the engine down and the bottom bolt hole lines right up.  If you do one 
side at a time the side that’s anchored maintains the alignment, so you’re not 
moving the engine around trying to get the holes lined up.

All in all, not a bad job.  Some brute force and fiddly stuff getting to the 
top bolts on the mounts, but the rest is pretty straightforward.

I’m going to head out and finish the plugs on the driver’s side and put 
everything back together.  That will be the end of major work that’s necessary 
on this car.  Only thing left to address is the headliner, which is starting to 
droop in the back…grrr.


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