So I when out back to the rusty 95 e300 to harvest the rear exhaust for the 
green 95 I started driving. After I pulled it and got it in the shop I 
discovered it was cracked in the same spot as the one it is replacing. I 
decided to try out the HF 220v welder. I got t welded up but it ain't pretty. 
See photo. I then when out to the pile of parts to hunt for an axle shaft. I 
found one that looks right but I suspect it could be for a 126. I won't really 
know until I get the one off the car. After about an hour of getting the 6 
bolts loose from the diff side I removed the big bolt on the outboard side. 
Normally I hit it a couple of times with a bfh and it pops loose, but I could 
not seem to locate it so I used the next biggest one but it did no good. So I'm 
at a stand still till I locate or go get another hammer. I'm afraid I will get 
it out and the one I have will not be the right one. I really do not think this 
is a job I want to do out back on the ground. So, if it's not right I may have 
to look into just buying a new one. Where can you get these? Seemed like there 
used to be a place that had decent quality decent priced ones.

Before I even started this mess I did front and rear pads on the SDL. The first 
wheel I did was the right rear and one of the pistons was jammed and would not 
push back. So I pulled a caliper from the pile of parts and put it back 
together. I did not seem to really loose much of any fluid and did not bleed 
that caliper. The rest went as normal. After getting it back together I have no 
brakes at all. It goes to the floor and after working it a bunch it seems to 
grab a little when it's almost to the floor. So I guess I will have to get a 
helper to pump the pedal while I bleed the brakes. I am not sure if you can do 
it alone with a mitivac and I don't have one of those power bleeder deals.

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