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> Mitch wrote:
> > Or for that matter, rent a wedge, borrow a diesel pickup, and get them 
> > myself.
> Where are these?  i.e. where are you going? ...just curious...
> tin.man

If I buy 3 cars in Sacramento at once (not likely unless nobody else bids on 
them), do you want to go on a road trip?

Unfortunately the vast majority of Spark EVs were sold in California, and 
virtually all of the current lease returns are being sold there. 
For Nissan Leaf, it seems like Nissan Financial really, really likes to sell 
them in Portland. I've seen off lease cars with Georgia titles sold there. 

A huge and presumably reliable carrier quoted me $1200 for a car or $2200 for 
two from Sacramento, so it's probably not worth going 4400 miles in a 14mpg 
truck unless I can save freight on 3 cars. 

I've been wondering if I should just go with United Road or subscribe to a load 
board like Central Dispatch and post it up there with a lowball price and see 
who bites. 

Hey, Kaleb, want to haul a tiny car from Sacramento to Michigan for $1200?



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