... decided that the w201 need to have the high side port hidden under all 
manner of inaccessible hoses and hot things? 

Neighbor has recently been having me look at his benz cars. I was able to help 
with the W210 issues that were rather simple. He has a '90 201 that has not had 
AC for a while and the radio (Becker ) is not making nice sounds out of the 
speakers. Radio works fine from what I was able to see. It finds stations, 
switches to WB and plays tapes. Just has crap for sound. Fader was replaced, as 
was the radio at one time. Never played well since. I removed the fader and 
gave it some needed contact cleaner. That did not make it notably better 
sounding. It was too hot to remove the speakers, but that would have required 
pulling the cluster. 

As for the AC, I was trying to at least pull a vacuum and see if it would hold. 
My paws are just too huge to get access to the high side port under all the 
hoses and hot engine. There was no way to screw on the manifold hose. I had low 
side, but an hour of poking around just could not line up the hose. Are the 
cars just meant to have a single charge? I could have tried a vacuum on the low 
side, and then just charge without knowing if the high would hold. 


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