For the radio - could you connect a known good speaker to the output of the
fader to verify that good vibes are making it that far before trying to
pull the built in speakers?

A/C and ACC are the curse of modern (since the early '50s) cars . . .

On Sun, Aug 6, 2017 at 12:53 AM, redghost--- via Mercedes <> wrote:

> ... decided that the w201 need to have the high side port hidden under all
> manner of inaccessible hoses and hot things?
> Neighbor has recently been having me look at his benz cars. I was able to
> help with the W210 issues that were rather simple. He has a '90 201 that
> has not had AC for a while and the radio (Becker ) is not making nice
> sounds out of the speakers. Radio works fine from what I was able to see.
> It finds stations, switches to WB and plays tapes. Just has crap for sound.
> Fader was replaced, as was the radio at one time. Never played well since.
> I removed the fader and gave it some needed contact cleaner. That did not
> make it notably better sounding. It was too hot to remove the speakers, but
> that would have required pulling the cluster.
> As for the AC, I was trying to at least pull a vacuum and see if it would
> hold. My paws are just too huge to get access to the high side port under
> all the hoses and hot engine. There was no way to screw on the manifold
> hose. I had low side, but an hour of poking around just could not line up
> the hose. Are the cars just meant to have a single charge? I could have
> tried a vacuum on the low side, and then just charge without knowing if the
> high would hold.
> clay
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OK Don

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