So the axle I had on hand was too short so it did not come out of a 124, I 
think it was a 126 axle. So after remembering the tricks to the job I was able 
to pull an axle out of the rusty e300 in about 10 minutes. Got it installed in 
the car. Next up was installing the rear exhaust I pulled out of the other car. 
For some reason it is hanging slightly too high. Just enough to cause annoying 
rattles and it is contacting the diff end of the axle and the bolt heads are 
hitting it causing a hell of a noise. I jacked around with it prying it around 
to no avail. I had enough and gave up for the day. Tomorrow I will probably 
drop the exhaust down again and see if bending the rear and middle mounting 
hooks up slightly will drop the exhaust down. It only needs to be down probably 
a quarter of an inch. 

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