In our '90 E300D, I have noticed the shifting varies from hard to REALLY
hard. I would think this is not good for things. 

It doesn't bother me if I remember to have my head pushed back into the
headrest, but I wonder what it is going to the flexible couplings and the
other things in the driveline. In going up the mountains between here and
Albuquerque, if I use the kickdown switch to go to third gear from
fourth, when it does upshift when the slope decreases, there is a loud
CLUNK from the rear end.

Sometimes in going from first to second, it will chirp the tires. It was
particularly exciting one time making a left turn on rain-slicked streets
when I wasn't expecting it. That broke the whole rear end loose and
required some speedy skid correction.

Will changing the transmission fluid help this?

Is there any adjustment for this?




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