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> It's nice but overpriced especially with faded paint and a big dent in
> the door.
> 1990 Mercedes 300SE W126 S-Class with 92k miles
> http://tulsa.craigslist.org/cto/d/1990-mercedes-300se-w126/6255843481.html

- The zebrano wood trim is glossy except for the trim surrounding
  the gear selector.

        - Can't really see that in the pictures.

- Power windows work save for the rear passenger side.

        - Dirty window switch?

- The AC is weak but air blows hard and heat is fine.

        - Hmmmm ... Necessary in Okieland!

- Cruise control does not work.

        - Resolder the module?

- (head gasket was serviced at 85k).

        - Really?

- New serpentine belt at 90k.

        - Really? It has a timing chain ...

- Ignition can sometimes require a second twist of the key

        - Not cranking enough the first time?

- On braking, the driver's front wheel undulates slightly.

        - Needs brake disk?



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