I have been making Polei pretty for her debut at the Show and Shine this 
weekend. Instead of Griots products I used Maguires for compounding and wax. It 
looks ok. 

I had done the door cards in green to make it more Germanic. There was a white 
seat I scored from PnP months ago that just sat in the parts room awaiting my 
idiocy. The front seats that came with Polei had massive tears at the crease in 
the lower leather fronts. They work just fine, but .... I am too poor to 
re-skin. Replacement only has damage to side bolster, same as original. I would 
need to paint both, so I decided to just paint the replacement and see how I 
liked it. 

I pulled the rear bench after I had a few good coats on the driver seat. I have 
some dish soap diluted and the grey 3M pad to make them really clean. With the 
nice warm weather, I got good coats and allowed them to bake a few days. That 
seems to have taken care of the tacky nature. Maybe the smoke in the air and 
dust helped. 

This morning I pulled the driver seat out and did the swap. The seat looks 
really good. Only issue is that the headrest does not work. There are also a 
pair of two prong hook ups that do not have anything to hook too. These must do 
a great deal of magic. The back seats look pretty good as well. 

With the rear seat out I pulled a fresh antenna cable to the center console. 
There is a lovely Becker in the dash, but with the damage to the rear fender, I 
have not put a Hirschmann out back. I needed to remove the thresholds to access 
under the carpet. They were pretty filthy, so I cleaned them up and gave them a 
coat of green as well. They will live outside for a few days until the show. 

I did get the siren working. 

The hole in the receiver/drier got bits ordered, which showed up over the past 
week. I just got the unit today. The pressure sensor and temp sensors came 
earlier. I have no idea why all three boxes had to be HUGE and mostly packed 
with air and this giant stuffing snake. I got two boxes the size of a pair of 
match boxes in these 18x18x12 cardboard monsters. Same as the drier. At least I 
will have something to put the 525 viscosity oil in. One day. 



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