Randy wrote: 

"For what it is worth, I will throw my 2 cents in . . .
I suspect that the primary advantage of synthetics is in either very hot or 
very cold weather.
Here in the great white north, we get a lot of pretty cold weather.
I believe we were led to believe that the oil would flow much better in the 
cold and provide more immediate protection to things like the bearings if we 
use synthetic oils.
I wonder what difference one might see if one were to put a gallon of the dino 
oil and a gallon of the synthetic oil in a freezer for a day or two and then 
pour them out.
I remember pouring out a jug of dino oil in cold weather and saw a big lump of 
some sort that looked like there was a can of the old STP in the jug. Not sure 
if the cold caused it to separate from the other ingredients but that was my 
thought at the time. Do the modern oils avoid that sort of thing? Do the 
synthetics do it better?" 

I remember Dr. Booth also saying that Mobil 1's other advantage/benefit was 
that it was able to carry a lot of soot/crud/contaminants in suspension better 
than other oils.  He said that Mobil 1 would clean out of a lot of gun that was 
clogging seals.  He said that this was one of the reasons that some folks 
experienced higher leak rates when first switching over to Mobil 1.   His 
theory was that once the crud and gunk was cleaned out the seals would soften 
and the leaks would get better.    I think I am remember this correctly.   This 
was what he said.  I have no idea if it is or was true.  But, he knew a hell of 
a lot more about this stuff than I did so I tended to believe his opinions on 
this subject.   

As was said earlier, the blackstone report indicates if you are changing the 
oil at 3-4000 miles, then don't waste your money.  But, if you want longer 
change intervals, I would stick with fully synthetic oils like Mobil 1.   I 
recently changed my oil and tried Schaeffer full synthetic oil.  It is supposed 
to allow longer intervals similar to Mobil 1.   I just took a 2000 mile trip 
that was relatively high speed at 80-85 consistently.  I wonder what my oil 
looks like now with only about 3,000 miles since it was changed.  

Don Snook  


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