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I am reminded of last year when I had to replace the valve cover gasket on the 
1952 Farmall Super M. I've been using 15w40 diesel oil in that for the last few 
years. I'm sure in days gone by it was fed a lot of 30wt non-detergent so when 
I first started using detergent oil I mixed it in slowly, like 4qts 
non-detergent/1qt detergent to help clean the crud out. I also did twice yearly 
oil changes for a few years, now I do yearly or sometimes every other year 
depending on how much run time its had.
Here's some pics of the rockers after a few (five maybe?) years of detergent 
oil: photo/ AF1QipNWm68EvswqCm8KuDFt- 
Tw2rxts3dM1-N7uQHj6 photo/AF1QipNk9fhBrPNLHuVjzo_ fKkRHwoc3MBXfH3YuBaG1
I was quite pleased with what I found. I was also quite pleased when the new 
valve cover gasket cured the oil leak onto the exhaust manifold. Although last 
spring I was discing some grass seed and the bugs were just awful. Maybe a 
little oil smoke would have helped...

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