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> http://www.commercialtrucktrader.com/Kentucky-Trailers-For-Sale/search-results?make=KENTUCKY%7C2312124&type=trailer
> there appear to be this manufacturers used ones readily available

Our drop-frame furniture van was made by Kentucky.

> Some of them have side doors already built in, you could put some nice
> slides in there, or sliding glass doors, or back another one up to the
> opening to make a side wing.

Interesting ideas.

Our furniture van has 2 double doors roadside, 4 double doors curbside.
With the addition of an upper deck to ours, some of those doors are not

The upper deck is shown in photographs attached to my reply to your first
message, which has yet to be approved.

> I am going to talk myself into this idea...  get a workshop space and 
> start building...
> Hey Max I wonder if Catherine would mind pulling a trailer up to the 
> barn to start a build-out???

Interesting -- ask her and find out ...



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