Yeah I guess that is it. But more of the idea that I could build one at someplace with a shop space, then move it somewhere onto some land. Or buy some land, put up a nice metal building for a shop, then build it from that, out of the Or sell it, or something, I don't know. These are just musings after seeing stuff about these things, got me wondering if there might be a way to build a nicer, larger package that is not 200ft2. A 53' trailer could get 400ft2 easy, maybe more with a loft space for beds and storage and such. And if you went to 10' or 12' (wide load for the times it moved) you could get 600ft2 which is a decent-sized space, and with lofts that would be very cool. Much better than a regular house trailer or RV.

Oh well, ideas...


On 8/9/17 2:11 PM, OK Don via Mercedes wrote:
I keep noticing that your "tiny house" is growing with every paragraph -
sounds like you are talking yourself out of a tiny house - you just want
one that you can move . . .


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