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> > Bugs Bunny Show.  A Saturday morning staple.
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On with the show, this is it was the theme to the Bugs Bunny / Road Runner 
Hour, which was newer than when I was a real little kid and it was just Bugs 
Bunny, with Road Runner a separate show. 

> After school bad boy stuff - Three Stooges.
> Cartoons, yes.  Is Diver Dan cartoon?
> Combat for an hour saturday nights.  Westerns.  The western sci-fi
> guys in the caboose - what's that name?  

Robert Conrad, Wild Wild West. A friend of mine has the whole series on DVD. 
He's getting me interested in Have Gun, Will Travel, and Maverick (James 

Poos needs to ditch cable and get an antenna. 
Way out here in the sticks, with a DIY bowtie screwed to the back of the TV 
stand (two pieces of 12ga house wire and a $2 balun) I can watch:
Grit TV
Get TV
Antenna TV
BET (or did that become Bounce?)
CW (mostly new stuff, like Arrow, Flash)
and there's probably a couple of rerun channels I'm forgetting about. 
M*A*S*H, I Dream of Jeanie, Green Acres, Bonanza, The Rifleman, Walker, Texas 
Ranger, Airwolf, Gilligan's Island, Crosby, Have Gun Will Travel, Mr Ed, Leave 
it to Beaver, Gunsmoke, Wild Wild West, Rawhide, it's all there for free. DVR 
the ones that air while you're at work.


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