Different line as I am not thinking of a house to live in but just a bunkie at the lake.

We had a 23 foot travel trailer that leaked and rotted. We used it as extra sleeping quarters. Never cooked in it etc.

We tore it down and sold off the appliances etc but still have the frame and running gear. It needs tires before it could be moved.

I have thought about creating another bunkie. My idea was to make a unit that looked like an old fashioned caboose.

One of the issues would be height as if we ever wanted to haul it out of there, it would have to go through the carport side of the garage. The travel trailer was backed into its existing spot by going through the carport and it just cleared so it could not be any taller than the original trailer. So, the thought was to make the part on the top of a caboose with the windows removable so that the trailer could still be removed if that became desirable.

Not going to happen any time soon but maybe some day if I do not just make it into a flatbed trailer to haul stuff. Would not be heavy duty enough to haul cars without a lot of extra work but to haul lesser items, it would be fairly doable.



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