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> Kaleb wrote: 
> "Yep. I am quite familiar with all the welk performers. Perry Mason and 
> Matlock were big shows also." 
> Meade wrote:  " My perfect re-run channel would be original Star Trek, Perry 
> Mason, Twilight Zone, LW, In Search Of, The Avengers, The Prisoner, and Monty 
> Python." 
> I still watch Perry Mason!  I love it.  And Meade that's a great list! It 
> looks like my Netflix list of shows!   Except Monty Python isn't on Netflix 
> that I have found.  I wish it was I would watch that all the time!  Spam, 
> Spam, Spam, Spam, . . . 
> Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition! 
> Don Snook 
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Agreed, but I wish they had not eliminated the old radio shows like:
The Shadow
Mr. District Attorney
It Pays to be Ignorant
Major Bowes Amateur Hour
Comics like Fred Allen and Bob Hope
and various musical shows like the Hit Parade and a Hawaiian music show.

You could get routine stuff done while listening to your favorite programs.
TV takes your full attention.


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