How’s about the National Lampoon Radio Hour?

“For $25,000, name three famous Mickeys.”

(obviously stoned contestant)

“Uh, Mickey Mantle”

“That’s one famous Mickey”

“Uh, Mickey Mouse.”

“Yes, that two famous Mickeys!  Now for $25,000, you only need to name one more 
famous Mickey!”

“Mickey Way.  You know, the candy bar?  Mickey Way?  They’ll take that, won’t 


> On Aug 10, 2017, at 4:46 PM, Curt Raymond via Mercedes 
> <> wrote:
> Those are on the radio classics channel on Sirius satellite radio, at least I 
> know the Shadow and the comedians are. I especially like those for long 
> drives like going to camp.Angie falls asleep instantly, one of those old 
> shows comes on, the music comes up, her lights go out. I'm not sure why she 
> doesn't like them, she gets lots of sleep...
> -Curt


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