I have this little lawn tractor mower I got from the PO of our property, 9 years ago. I have done nothing to it but change the battery a coupla times. Put new belts (mower and drive) on it to get the mower running again (the belts are somewhat problematic but it is what it is). Ran fine until a coupla weeks ago. Ordered a new coil and put it on yesterday, nothing. So today I took the carb apart and cleaned it really good, had a lot of crud in it so I guess that was An Issue. Put it all back together, a squirt of starter fluid to get it lit off, and it runs pretty well now. Idle is a bit off but I can live with it. I might ought to get a carb rebuild kit at some point but for now it is running pretty well.

So off to my friend's ranchito to work off my debt for storing cars and stuff in her barn, and to teach her how to run the thing so I don't have to do all the mowing.




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