We don’t have Cabela’s in Florida, just Bass Pro Shops, which are stupid 
expensive and I don’t believe carry used guns like Cabela’s Gun Library.

I’ve seen some good deals on Cabela’s Gun Library web site, but they’re hit or 
miss, and the stores aren’t terribly good about keeping things current or 
communicating.  It took almost five days of regular phone calls to finally get 
a response from the Cabela’s store that had my gun.  I finally called the 
regular sales floor and talked a guy into going into the gun library, finding 
my gun, tagging it and putting it in back so it wouldn’t get sold.

Glad to hear you’re healing up, Larry. It had to suck big time being laid up 
that long.

And no, Mitch, I’m not going to shoot all 2500 rounds tomorrow….


> On Aug 12, 2017, at 3:33 PM, Larry Turner via Mercedes 
> <mercedes@okiebenz.com> wrote:
>    Congrats on getting that new shotgun!  Anytime you can find a bargain at 
> Cabela's, gotta go for it.  I usually get some reloading supplies when I go 
> there.  Hopefully I will get to the range again in another couple/few weeks.  
> Still recovering from Knee Replacement #4 that was done end of May.  Xrays 
> taken 2 weeks later indicated some slippage of the stem into the Femur so I 
> was only released to start weight bearing home PT last week - about 9 weeks 
> of inactivity!  It's been miserable laying in bed all the time. Hopefully 
> that'll change now that it appears the movements has stabilized.  At least I 
> can try to learn how to walk again.
>    It'll be really nice to tinker with my cars again!
> LarryT
> 91 300D


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