I’m getting ready to go buy a Walther 9mm PPQ M2 with a 5” barrel in a couple 
of days, too.  Then I’ll have to start laying in the 9mm ammo. Youngest son 
gets back from his field study thing in AZ in another month and he’s going to 
want to head to the range with his H&K VP40, so I need to have something to 
challenge him with...

55 years old and he’s already had both hips replaced?  What’s he been doing?


> On Aug 12, 2017, at 4:07 PM, Rich Thomas via Mercedes <mercedes@okiebenz.com> 
> wrote:
> GUNS!!!! OMG!!!
> Whoa Larry sounds like warranty repair time, or some JBWeld in that bone...  
> My FIL had a similar problem with a new hip, ended up having to get it done 
> again (this was #2 so it had to be replaced after replacing #1).
> My buddy is leaving next Saturday to start a Portland (OR) to Portland (ME) 
> cycling adventure, 3600mi or so in 39? days.  He has artificial hips and has 
> been working hard to get the bike tuned to accommodate his range of motion in 
> each leg, one crank is longer than the other to accommodate that aspect.  He 
> is gonna ask his ortho doc (who is a real gadget guy) to spring for a power 
> meter ($1500) to put on each pedal so he can monitor his power on each pedal 
> and total over the ride, and do something scientific with the data.  His bike 
> computer logs all that data, including speed, cadence, GPS, heart rate, and 
> probably 6 other functions so he will download that every night to a blog or 
> something.  It also apparently talks to his phone in real time in some 
> fashion so I can log into some web site and monitor it all too.  Crazy.  He 
> is an animal though, but feeling a bit intimidated by it all.  I can text him 
> during the ride, it will show up on his computer, so I figure every day I 
> will be shooting him something to encourage him.  He's 55yo too, BTW, so if 
> any of you are feeling a bit slack...
> --R


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