Good. Drive it like you stole it and put some purge or other diesel
additive in and  push it hard. (Sorry Marshall, about eh additive part.
My 240D is nothing like it was 4 years ago when I got it. Now borders on
responsive to the throttle on the highway.

Dwight Giles, Jr
1979 240D auto, 250K + miles
1990 300D 2.5t, 129K miles
Wickford, RI

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Out shopping I picked up some light bulbs to finish today's job, and 
I was at it I did a gross test of the 0-60 time.  (One-one thousand,
two-one thousand...)  Roughly 25 seconds, which is in the ballpark for
these.  Having putted around on errands in this thing I must say that
except for the sluggish acceleration it's a fairly pleasant little ride.
Cold-blooded starting, though.

-- Jim

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