The problem is not the "proper use of", but "improper use of". I have used the blue goo for close to 40 years and never had a problem. I DID see a problem in the kleb SDL turbo, where someone had way over smeared the red stuff, nearly plugging the oil supply. None of that broke loose or moved anywhere. It did severely restrict the oil flow, which was already restricted by the hole in the gasket.

I have used it many times for things like vac pumps and water pumps.

I had a friend who had a sbc where part of the intake manifold gasket fell down when he reassembled it. Rather than take off the manifold and put the gasket in place, he filled the void with blue goo. It ran that way until he sold it. I was amazed that it stuck, in that case.

Meade Dillon via Mercedes <>
January 29, 2018 at 6:31 AM

I think this is more Dr. Marshall Booth lore (not to say he was right or
wrong, I think he was right on this one) as I could never find that warning
against RTV or silicone anywhere in the 123 or 124 manuals. Can you or
anyone point me to a reference or procedure?

Charleston SC


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