There are several examples of V8s and V6s that represent extremely durable and 
reliable engines.   The GM 350 (rocket) that was used for decades was/is an 
extremely durable engine -- especially considering the technology at the time.  
 The GM 3800 v6 is (in my opinion) one of the best engines ever made - 
certainly the best American made engine.  While I agree the V configuration is 
not as simple as a straight engine, the design has proven to be extremely 
durable, reliable, and as it was improved and updated it became a world class 
engine.  BUT, I do get your point about straight engines.  The Mercedes inline 
6, the BMW inline 6, the AMC 4.0 straight six, etc are all fantastic engines.  

Don Snook 

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I dislike v-8s and despise v-6 engines.  A v6 is completely 
unnecessary.   There is no reason for a v6 over a straight 6.  They only 
add complexity over a simpler, well proven design.

> Mitch Haley via Mercedes <> January 31, 
> 2018 at 8:45 PM
> I'd rather have a V6 than a supercharged 2.3.
> Mitch.


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