Come on, play nice. No reason to jump on Curley just because he does not like GM V6's.


On 02/02/2018 11:02 AM, Curt Raymond via Mercedes wrote:
Don't get your panties in a bunch, I didn't say the engine was dead, the body 
was rusted out. These days I could have gotten a couple more years out of it 
but back then in a 3rd floor walkup, no garage, no welder etc...
I'm not sure if you intend to come off as a jerk but you're really good at it.
     On Friday, February 2, 2018, 11:58:01 AM EST, Curley McLain via Mercedes 
<> wrote:
150k is a very poor lifespan for a "modern" engine.  Engines designed in
the 40s and 50s and built in the 40s - 70s could do that.  GM v6s of
that era (1980s) were crappy throwaway engines.  I made the mistake of
trying to help a friend do a valve job on wunna dem.  The sharp edges on
the parts shredded my fingers, there are hidden bolts.  After were
finally got the heads off and had the machine shop do them, we put them
back on and the valves would not close.  There was NO ADJUSTMENT.  The
"adjustment" is to grind off the valve stems, which the head shop did
not do because they had never had anyone dumb enough to try to grind
valves on a POS GM throwaway POS V6 engine.  SO I got to do the work twice.

GM v6= POS to a POS

Curt Raymond via Mercedes <>
February 2, 2018 at 10:26 AM
Its also worth noting that even not very good v6 engines like the 2.8l
in my '88 GMC can be quite durable. Mine made it to 150,000 miles
without ever being opened. That includes a hard life being driven by a
poor college student and the predations of the an 18-23 "mechanic".


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