I noticed the other day they are down to like $20 each.  I bought 4 or 5 back when they were $25 so I am thinking a couple more might be on tap.  I saw LED tubes to replace the glass fluorescent tubes.  They also have 100W LED bulbs I put in the bulb lights that come on with the switch (I have a couple of the tube units running off one bulb fixture with a plug extension thing) and the others are on a separate power strip I can switch on/off.  I put in some outdoor LED flood units I got there too, they put out a LOT of light, better than the glass ones I think. I think I had one failure of a tube unit tube, will have to look at it at some point.


On 2/2/18 12:24 PM, Dan--- via Mercedes wrote:
Wife got me LED fixtures for Christmas to replace the fluorescent ones in the 
garage.  However, I gave her explicit directions and a printout of the ones I 

Christmas comes, I see what she got, and it’s some high priced stuff that’s 
totally enclosed with covers, motion sensing, etc., etc.  Bless her heart, she 
saw these and thought “better,!”

I took the three she gave me and went back to Costco with them and got five of 
the plain double tube LED fixtures for the same money.

Love them! Garage is now like an operating room.



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