#4 is what I plan to do - and have all year since this “taking a knee” BS 
Addison Thompson
(a combat veteran who still salutes the flag)

On Feb 2, 2018, Curley McLain wrote:
Subject: [MBZ] Game with the unmentionable name

Since the [league that should have no respect] demands that only they can use 
the name of the [game with the unmentionable name], (played by overage, way 
overpaid spoiled brat disrespectful  kids) I have a question:

1.  How many of you will be at a stuporbowl party?

2.  How many of you will watch the stuporbowl?  (at a party or not) [if you 
plan to go to a party AND watch the game, you need a positive response to both 
1 and 2]

3.  How many of you will have a F*** the [League that should have no respect] 

4.  How many of you will do what you do anyway, and pay no attention to the 
[game with the unmentionable name] or its league?

A poll of league fans found that 16% fewer plan to watch the stuporbowl than 
last year.


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