On 02/02/2018 4:41 PM, Curley McLain via Mercedes wrote:
I was trying to turn over an M116 this afternoon by hand.  It seems to be hitting something hard at about 180º from TDC on the crank.  I took loose the belts, and I don't see anything external that would interfere with it turning over.  That made no difference.    If it was an OM 621 or 61x, I'd say the end of a prechamber broke off and is hitting the top of the piston as it approaches tdc.  I suppose a spark plug could break off, or something could be interfering with the timing chain or one camshaft.

Where would you start looking?

Have you heard it run or is this an engine in a derelict car that has not run in a long while? Are the spark plugs in it? Could a cylinder be full of coolant and causing a hydraulic lock?



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