That sounds like a good time.  How can it go wrong with some BBQ?

Buggered Benzmail via Mercedes <>
February 2, 2018 at 5:30 PM
My neighbor is having his usual bbq oyster roast. He picks this day because most people know when this game is played and he figures it will be somewhat easier for folks to remember. It is probably the only place where you see all flavors of people — (il)legal Hispanics, blacks, whites, Poor as dirt folks, millionaires, billionaires, middle class folks, sane folks, whack jobs, guys flying in on their helicopters, politicians graced and disgraced and graced again, and just about anyone else you might (not) want to experience sitting down together to enjoy the experience. The eats and drinks and company are all excellent. And the music will be very good, local folks likely to include some who are moderately famous and whom you might have heard on the radio last Saturday.

I think the game is on cable/sat channel this year which I don’t have so I won’t be watching it there either. Let me know if there are any “ wardrobe malfunctions “

--FT taking a knee for some oysters and Q and brew


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