That is the current theory. I know it is #4 or #7, so after the top gets cleaned up and the valve covers off, it should become clear.

I have to measure the chain stretch too. I will probably need to roll in a new chain and put in a new tensioner. Check/replace chain guides, and throw away the old prastic ones, if they are still in it.

Definitely ran when parked.

G Mann via Mercedes <>
February 2, 2018 at 8:09 PM
How about this: Engine when stored had "a valve" setting in full open
position. While setting, native moisture from air caused the valve to stick
in open position. When you bar the engine over by hand, the cam moves off
the valve, but spring doesn't pull valve back in closed position, so it's
hanging into combustion chamber..

Piston rises, contacts stuck open valve... blocks further turning....

"Ran when parked"... right?


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